What do you think about your skin?

What do you think about your skin? What do you feel when you see your skin? Dryness or to much oil?... or do you have both? Most just call that combination skin. Does your skin make you feel ugly inside? or beautiful? Do you worry about what others are going to think when they see you? Do you feel scared to take a selfie for Instagram or Facebook because you think your not photo ready all the time? what do you think about honestly when you see your skin?

Personally, I see flaws, imperfections, blemishes, and uneven skintones. I do like to ask myself 1 question? Why are those the things I see first about my skin? Are those things a reflection of who I really am? The answer is NO, I do this because I forget to see the beauty in myself. I think we all do. My skin is my beauty, flaws and all. My skin is the outside of who I truly am, not the inside. I have a big heart, a sound mind, I'm a go getter, an advocate of women, a mother of 2 and a loving wife. These things are what truly make me beautiful.

There is no grater task than to love yourself, love the skin your in and that includes what you see in the mirror; flaws and all. How do we teach our children to love themselves if we don't genuinely love ourselves? We are all imperfect, but that's what makes us perfect because we get to be different from the next person. It makes us unique. No one has the same eyes, nose, lips, hair, skin. No one, we may resemble or favor those features but no one else has our DNA pattern. That's amazing! I had to learn to take pride in my flawed skin, I had to learn that I am not alone with having imperfections. Unfortunately society and social media has dictated that we need to be Instagram or facebook influencers or beauty queens to stand out in the world and be flawless. The reality is, that's all filters lol. I'm joking but In order to have good skin there are many things that go into that. Even celebrities and beauty queens break out from time to time. So don't fret, its apart of life.

During my journey of life I have learned that skincare is tied into nutrition, lifestyle and wellness. So I have decided that I will be dropping gems every week on how we can maintain a better skincare routine that matches our lifestyles. I will answer questions like: How we can add better nutrition into our lives? What we can all do to have better wellness no matter what daily routine/or lack of one we have? Will the plan be perfect? An answer: probably  not, but we do it until we get it right for ourselves. We are all beautiful and deserve to feel exactly that way when we look at our skin. Beauty comes from within.